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By taking responsibility as citizens, we seek to partner with our neighbors, elected officials and public servants to promote and instill values of belonging, diversity, equity, and justice into the fabric of our community.


Wauwatosa becomes known as a welcoming, diverse community for all who live, work, attend school in, or visit the city..


Tosa Together seeks to make Wauwatosa more welcoming and equitable for everyone through two types of activities:

  • Engaging citizens in educational and dialogue events that foster diversity and inclusion.

  • Advocating for changes that create more equity in the structures and policies of the city government and schools.

By going to the "Get Involved" page, you can see more details about ongoing projects and ways you can help with our mission.


Educational and Dialogue Events

Exposure within the Community

  • Since 2017: Annual information booth at the Wauwatosa Farmer's Market

  • Since 2017: Events throughout the year at the Wauwatosa Public Library

  • Active on Facebook to spread our mission

Community Dialogue

  • Since Feb 2017: Annual Black History Month community celebration

  • Beginning in Aug 2020: Facebook Live forum programs "TOSA TALKS: BUILDING A DIVERSE, THRIVING CITY" three times per month

  • April 2018: Welcome to Wauwatosa community dialogue with Ex-Fabula storytellers

  • Oct 2016: Community Forum on the shooting of Jay Anderson, a Black man, by a Wauwatosa police officer 

Educational Programs

  • Jan 2020: MLK Jr day activities at Wauwatosa Public Library

  • May 2017: Hidden Costs of Segregation in Milwaukee County by Reggie Jackson from America's Black Holocaust Museum

  • Feb 2020: Art Exhibit at the Wauwatosa Library: Black and White Thinking: Defining a Neighborhood

Citizen Advocacy for Change

Advocacy in Our Schools

  • Since 2018: Monitoring of implementation of the Wauwatosa School District's Equity Plan and recommending changes

Government Advocacy

  • 2018-2019: Researched and lobbied for Wauwatosa Equity and Inclusion Commission. In Sept 2019, the Commission was appointed and began operation.

  • Seeking inclusion of values and goals in support of diversity and inclusion in the city's Strategic Plan

Community Advocacy

  • Current focus of changes in policies and training of the Wauwatosa Police Department

  • Jan -  June 2020: Supported historic landmark designation for Zeddie Hyler home, first house built by an African American in Wauwatosa in 1955. Designation granted in June, 2020.

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Help us on our MISSION

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